About Us

Great Enterprises has been established since 1973 and in the beginning dealt with silkscreen printing on materials such as stickers, plastic etc. The company has come a long way since then and now still going on strong, but the product range and types of services have broadened tremendously.

Besides silk screening, we also provide photo printing, inkjet printing, gold-plating, silver-plating, engraving and photo-etching. Over the years, the technological processes, machinery and skills have improved to become more sophisticated. The unique way of producing weather proof, solvent proof, heat proof, electricity proof and saltwater proof lasting results in our final products has earned us recognition in the local market.

Customised machinery name plates; decals, stickers or labels; signages; signboards; badges or tags; plaques or souvenir shields; banners, etc. are generated according to our client's needs or requirements.

“It is our mission to provide efficient as well as quality service to all clients.”

“We value our customers and seek to build long-term relationship and rapport with them.”

“Our clientele are numerous and there are repeat orders that have lasted for about 20 years of business relationship till now.”

  • Our well-equipped manufacturing plant is adjoined to our office, both located in Kewalram Hillview building.
  • All enquiries will be entertained and non-obligatory quote is given upon request.
  • Upon confirmation of quotation, a professional artwork will be drawn up which is free of charge.
  • This is a value-added service we give to our customers. Professional advice will be given regarding product specifications.


  • We supply Traffolyte, Gravoply, Acrylic Sheets, 316 Stainless Steel ball chains & magnets.
  • All kinds of machinery name plates, tags, labels, signages, signboards.
  • Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, anodised & natural Aluminium, Traffolyte, Gravoply, Wood, Acrylic name plates, tags, labels, badges, signages and signboards.
  • Souvenir shields, plaques and certificates (in wood, metal, acrylic etc.)
  • Computerised engraving (all languages) on mimic panels, ship panels and stainless steel rulers etc.
  • Aluminium photo printed plates, anodised aluminium plates oven baked.
  • Laser engraving and laser cutting.
  • Milling & wood carving signages, signboards with gold powder & gold leaf filling.
  • Photo engraving and etching
  • All kinds of safety signs & IMO, luminous, night glow solvent proof, weatherproof, oil proof, heat proof, UV light proof, seawater proof, rain acid proof & harsh environment proof stickers.
  • Digital Inkjet printing & Silkscreen printing.
  • Weatherproof heavy duty PVC banners.
  • Computerised cut out heavy duty marine grade stickers.
  • 24K gold plating & epoxy coating.
  • Designing logos & graphic artwork F.O.C.
  • Delivery within 24 hours or can be arranged.